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Founded in February of 2008, Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. is an import & export company mainly engaged in radioactive isotopes supply and other related services.

Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. has qualification of operate and storage radioactive products as well as import & export on agency basis. It has so far established sound business relationship with various radioactive source manufacturers from abroad and over 200 domestic clients. Its main business scope covers provision of Ge-68 and Na-22 calibration sources for PET and Ir-192 sources for afterloaders to more than 70 hospitals; it start to supply Ge-68/Ga-68 Generators to some hospitals for clinical trial. Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. supplies sources of Am-241/Be, Co-60, Am-241, Cs-137 Sr-90 and Kr-85 for the use of instrumentation and equipment, Sn-113/In -113m Generator as well as series of activity meters and dosage monitoring equipment for industry & mines and oil fields. It also supplies Mo-99/Tc-99m Generators and raw materials of I-125, Mo-99, I-131 and Sr-89 for manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals. It distributes nuclear moisture/gauges in China for CPN International Inc.

On top of it, Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. also supplies nuclides of C-14, H-3, Sr-85, Se-75, Zr-95, Y-90, In-111, Lu-177 etc. and W-188/Re-188 generator to labs of colleges & universities, scientific research units and hospitals.

Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. provides import & export agency service for all the companies who import or export radioactive production. It can do import customs clearance for clients at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen cities, then do transshipment to other cities in China by air plane or radioactive special vehicle.

Shanghai Maoyong Isotope Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and expanded its business scope and volume drastically ever since its establishment. Meanwhile, it has accumulated rich experience in dealing in radioactive products in respect of sales as well as import and export on agency basis. And it attributes its good reputation and unanimous trust among clients both at home and abroad to its efficiency in transacting procedures of the Customs clearance and timely delivery.

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